New Favorite Red Lipstick

I have always had trouble finding the right red lipstick and truthfully, I took a chance and bought this Tarte lipstick in ‘Escape’ (a rose color) mostly because I loved the design and beauty of the tube. I’d pretty much buy almost anything with a gorgeous marbled design! With my yellow/olive skin tone, most red lipsticks tend to have too much of a pink tone. This lip color has such a subtle hint of pink, but wears as a deeper red that doesn’t clash with my skin tone. I also love a beautiful lip color because when you’re in a hurry to get ready, it can really pull a look together quickly (like heading out for date night after a long day at work). And if any of you are like me, sometimes a bold lipstick (especially red!) can be a little overwhelming or terrifying and this lipstick has just enough hint of a pink tone that isn’t an in-your-face Gwen Stefani type of red (which is incredible, but can be hard to pull off). For a similar shade in a lip gloss, which isn’t as scary or committing as a matte lip- I like this lip serum in the shade ‘Love’.

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Shades of Grey

One of my favorite things about fall is the return of grey nail polish. There are so many lovely shades of purple and blue. One of my favorite shades is OPI’s ‘I Sao Paulo Over There.’ A similar grey from the Brazil collection is ‘Taupe-less Beach’, which is a beautiful creamy grey. OPI also has a current and such fun ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ collection, although I have to admit I’ve never seen the movie! For all the Essie fans out there, I love ‘Take it Outside,’ which is such a gorgeous lighter grey. I think this color is perfect to  ease into grey polishes. What is your favorite shade of grey polish?

My light pink bow flats are from Forever 21. I wouldn’t recommend wearing them if you have a job where you stand for 12 hours per day, however I like these because they really fit my wide feet. Also, they aren’t slippery so I can get away with wearing them at work on tile floors. I won’t give up cute shoes, so these were a great option for work.

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Top Red Polish Picks

As every girl knows, red nail polish comes in all shades and to find the perfect shade can be quite a challenge. I went through all different shades of what superficially all looked like the same color in the bottle, despite several different brands. My all-year round go to classic red is OPI’s The Thrill of Brazil. This is by far my favorite red whether I’m going on a beach vacation, bundling up for a weekend in the snowy mountains, out shopping for the day or going out for date night. It’s like the Cadillac of nail polish…I really feel that every girl should keep this perfect red in your arsenal.

My next fave is Olivia Palermo for Ciate Hutch. This beautiful red is wonderful for summer with it’s bright orange-y hue. The width of the brush is just right and it doesn’t chip any faster than OPI.

My other favorites are OPI’s Big Apple Red, which I find great for fall/winter with a slight blue tint. My other pick is Essie’s Really Really Red, which is a beautiful red, slightly brighter than the OPI Big Apple Red. Whatever your perfect red may be, it’s out happy painting!


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