New Favorite Red Lipstick

I have always had trouble finding the right red lipstick and truthfully, I took a chance and bought this Tarte lipstick in ‘Escape’ (a rose color) mostly because I loved the design and beauty of the tube. I’d pretty much buy almost anything with a gorgeous marbled design! With my yellow/olive skin tone, most red lipsticks tend to have too much of a pink tone. This lip color has such a subtle hint of pink, but wears as a deeper red that doesn’t clash with my skin tone. I also love a beautiful lip color because when you’re in a hurry to get ready, it can really pull a look together quickly (like heading out for date night after a long day at work). And if any of you are like me, sometimes a bold lipstick (especially red!) can be a little overwhelming or terrifying and this lipstick has just enough hint of a pink tone that isn’t an in-your-face Gwen Stefani type of red (which is incredible, but can be hard to pull off). For a similar shade in a lip gloss, which isn’t as scary or committing as a matte lip- I like this lip serum in the shade ‘Love’.

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