Stylish Tech Accessories // Marbled

As helpful as our technology is in keeping us connected to the world, we can so easily misplace or lose our phone, iPads, Kindles, etc. I like to find fun, functional and unique cases for my accessories that help differentiate mine from others’. My iPhone 6 case can be found here which I liked because of how colorful and inviting it appears, but is also fun because it’s designed to stick to surfaces like glass/mirrors. For those of you who create videos or take a lot of selfies, this case can be helpful for you (this, this and this one are also fun designs that also stick). My marbled Kindle case is the Finite smartshell case (found on Agate coasters were found at TJ Maxx (old, but almost exact pattern found here, but this is a more affordable option).

For iphone 7 cases:

For iPhone 6 cases:

For more marbled options:

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